As we enter a new week of lockdown in the UK, it’s natural to feel worried, stressed or anxious.

I thought it would be useful to share with you some ways to help you create a healthy routine to give you focus and help you remain calm and centred during these strange times.

Time for exercise
Moving your body is especially important right now.

Carve out time each day for exercise, whether that’s a morning walk, a lunchtime jog or some yoga and stretching.

Exercise releases feel good chemicals and helps relieve stress.

Working from home?

You can do some simple stretches at your desk like rolling your shoulders and taking regular movement breaks to consciously reset your posture when you’re working.

Time for self care
Make time for yourself by putting aside time each day for self care.

This could be having a cup of tea by yourself, meditating, looking out the window, writing, reading, painting, drawing, playing a game, doing a jigsaw, yoga…

Anything that brings you joy!

Time for self compassion
You may be furloughed or out of work, you may be living alone, you may have a house full of family, you may be home schooling, you may be working from home or you may be on the front line.

Wherever you are, take time to practise self compassion, recognising your situation and being kind to yourself for whatever you feel.

Everyone copes in different ways so be your own best friend and be kind to yourself. Also don’t be afraid to reach out to loved ones to share how you feel. Sometimes letting it out helps.